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Student/PARENT Testimonials

I know I have said this before, but I truly can not thank you enough for helping to make this school year Peter's most successful yet!  Your understanding of the curriculum (every area - even math!!) is simply amazing and your ability to pre-teach and reteach skills and strategies, helping Peter to learn and feel more confident is really remarkable.  We are so appreciative of your patience and caring nature.  Not only do we find your academic guidance helpful, but we are grateful for the time you spent introducing and practicing meditation techniques.  We actually see Peter applying them on his own!  Simply put - Peter just adores working with you!  On our way home from your office, he has even commented, "She's amazing!".  Frankly, I don't know how we survived without you! -Briarcliff Manor, NY Parent 

Hello Erica. It was lovely to meet you on Thursday. I have to tell you, I left the consult with a smile on my face, because it was the first time in months that I felt hopeful that someone (you) understood and could truly help my son. He took to you also, and WANTS to work with you!  I'm sure you don't realize how incredible this is, but it is! - Westchester, NY Parent

Erica is awesome. My daughter is a sharp judge of character and won't work for anyone she doesn't respect or gets a whiff of insincerity from. Erica has become a second mother in the best way possible. My daughter adores her and feels totally understood. My son fought us tooth and nail about going to Erica, but when he gets there Erica has him unwound and working in a short period of time and he always leaves happy. There's nothing like knowing your tutor really cares about you.   - Chappaqua, NY parent

In 2002, my wife, and I brought our youngest daughter to your home.  We wanted to help her find a way to overcome some time management, note taking and other educational issues she was experiencing in  Middle School.  With your help, she developed skills (one particular term I remember is "hooks") that allowed her to better learn and enjoy her time in school.   Well, she graduated in 2006 and earned her bachelor's degree in industrial design in 2010.  She lives in Boston and is doing well in her field, where she is now responsible for managing and teaching others.  Sorry for taking so long to thank you. But thank you, indeed.  - Westchester, NY parent

I love that you are seeing him for who he is and are helping him to discover that energy while holding him accountable.  I love that you want him moving and having adventures and to find ways to focus those adventures in a creative way.  I love that you want to help him find a better mindset, finding a passion and direction that’s empowering and intriguing  for  him and that you’re here to go through this with him until he’s ready to fly.  And perhaps above all, that you’re holding him - as I hope we will do too - with a sense of openheartedness.     - Westchester, NY parent

I started to tear up but I still typed through my watery eye thinking of the hundreds of ways you have made my life better from school work to personal things.  I am going to miss you, but with all the help you've given me, I know I will succeed this year.  I will miss the car ride with the multiplication song while going to your office. I will miss the help with the homework and I will even miss the days when I couldn't focus and you got me back on track.  I remember the first time I came to see you.  I was a little nervous, but you made my jitters evaporate when you told me how you would help me.  Thank you for all your effort and support.  I will miss you so much.  I love you.   - Mahopac, NY student

Dear Dr. Warren, I just wanted to thank you for an excellent meeting this week.  Alex was just elated.  It was the first time any professional gave him positive feedback and highlighted the gifts he has rather than “his differences or disabilities”  …he was SO happy on the way home and remains totally motivated to work with you in the area of memory and study skills!!  As Mark G predicted…”Alex will love Dr. Warren” .  Truly, after YEARS of evaluations….this is the first time we have someone who can give us very specific guidance to steer down the path that uses Alex’s strengths to navigate his future.  I only wish we had found you sooner! With heartfelt gratitude!  - Trumbull, CT parent

Hi Erica - I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how appreciative we are of all that you do with our son each week.  He is having his best year yet and we can not thank you enough!  The concepts, study skills/techniques, and activities that you teach him have made such a positive impact on his academic progress, motivation and confidence! Thank you for being so kind, caring and patient.  Our son really loves working with you! -Briarcliff Manor, NY Parent

To Erica:  You taught me how to make learning fun.  I loved all the games we played and how we did homework in colors.  I’ll miss seeing you every week, but I’ll email you some of my pieces:  E nergetic and always exciting  R ighteous, real and relaxed  I maginative, no matter how boring the task C reative, caring and CUTE! A rtistic and always adventurous... AWESOME! - Yorktown Heights, NY  student

Dear Erica:  We are so fortunate to have found you.  You helped our son gain confidence in himself and jump over so many hurdles.  Your teaching style helped him to achieve academic success and made learning fun.  We can't thank you enough.  We will stay in touch! - Somers, NY parent

I have been meaning to write you to say thank you for all you have done for our daughter and our family.  You have taught our daughter many valuable learning skills that she will take with her forever.  I am confident that she has the tools to achieve whatever she wants in college and in life.  You have laid the foundations for a child that is excited to learn because she understands how to learn.  These are valuable life lessons.  I also need to thank you for the kindness and understanding that you have shown to our daughter throughout the many years that you have been together.  She regards you as a true friend.  I know that your friendship will go beyond the tutoring that has been completed.  You have taught her what a friend is.  You have listened to her without judging.  Again, these are valuable life lessons that she will take with her.  Our family owes you a debt of gratitude for helping us make her into the wonderful young lady that she is today.  I hope that this is not good-bye but that you and our daughter will stay friends because she will continue to have a lot to learn from you as a tutor and a friend.  I am so proud of who she is and you have been a big part of that.  - Chappaqua, NY parent

Thanking you for our first consult/session that has already fed us and our son in the ways he and we need. We very much look forward to working together with you!  I am so very grateful that we found you, our friend has been raving about you to me for quite some time, I can certainly see why.  I only hope you can imagine what it felt like for our son to have you "get", validate, and enjoy him.  We know you will make learning fun and easy.  He is eager to see you!  We also hope you can imagine what it felt like for us to watch you "get", validate and enjoy our son, and connect with him while helping him shine.  This is a priceless gift we have been wanting and needing for years. - Pleasantville, NY parent 

It was a great pleasure to meet with you last Friday.  How delightful and fortunate for us to witness the wonderful conversation between you and our son.  It will be an honor to have you wave your “magic wand” to help Jimmy to reach his full potential. - Ossining, NY Parent

Going to you every Monday had been such a treat – whether you were helping me with my homework or we were thinking of funny ways to remember stuff.  I am so happy you were able to teach me so much.  I have learned so much from you. - Pleasantville, NY student

Thank you for everything you do and everything you are.  Your guidance and knowledge have been invaluable. - Millwood, NY parent

Have I ever told you how grateful I am for all of the effort and care that you put into my son?  Every time I speak with him on the phone and I hear how happy he is and how well he is managing his work, I think of all of the care and concern that you always gave him.  You can always be proud to look back and feel good about the positive impact you had on his life.  My son could not have gotten through without you.  Thank you for all of the things you did to make him confident in himself and to keep pushing ahead. - Chappaqua, NY parent

We can never thank you enough for all you do for our daughter.  You are our guiding angel. - Chappaqua, NY parent

THANK YOU for your tremendous gift to our daughter, helping her unlock the love of learning. You are one of a kind. - Ossining, NY Parent

Erica, My deeply known friend I am touched by her. I am devoted to being her friend. I love her way of teaching, Playing games and winning awards. She has a special place in my heart. - Elementary - Ossining, NY student

My daughter worked with Erica for several years with special attention in written expression. She recently "graduated" from Erica. She's now in 9th grade and writes like a college student, all thanks to Erica. Erica worked on motivation as well as strategies. Erica cares about her students and is committed to helping kids blossom. Erica thinks outside the box, so if one strategy doesn't work, she always has an arsenal up her sleeve. She has the patience of a saint. Erica is an absolute delight, and the kids just love her... and so do I. I highly recommend Erica to any child who's experiencing any learning differences that impact on their schoolwork. I can't say enough wonderful things about Erica. - Pleasantville, NY Parent

Dr. Warren (Erica), I hope you are well and that your practice is thriving. You may not remember me because it has quite a while since I first contacted you almost two years ago regarding the reading troubles my son was having.  At that time, you were so very kind, compassionate and sweet to give me some tools (including free material) to get me on the journey to help my son overcome his dyslexia and learn to read. Of course, we are still on that journey but I wanted to thank you for your many kindnesses and to provide you an update. Two years later, my son has now caught up and actually reads two grade levels above. He is now comfortable reading out loud and actually asks to read each night. I'm so amazed and proud of how far he has come. What can I say but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You made a difference for this young man and his Dad. I thank God for you and really appreciate you, Erica.   Many blessings. - Texas, Parent

Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much for your insightful, practical and stimulating workshop today!  Both Middle School and Upper School faculties were engaged and inspired.  Both Erica and I are looking forward to more conversations with our colleagues about how they can tinker with their lessons and assessments to reach the diverse learners in our community.  I heard many folks thank you personally, and the positive reactions were evident all afternoon.   -  Jessica Nelson, The Calhoun School  

Thank you for the excellent workshop you presented in New York.  The faculty and I went away with multiple new ideas for being more inclusive based on your multiple teaching framework.  -   Faculty from Pace University  

Hi Erica!  Thank you so much for a great workshop.  The teachers loved it!   -  Saddle River Day School