To protect your child’s rights in schooling, it is extremely important to document any concerns, problems or  formal requests in a written format.


Writing letters or emails is also an important part of acquiring the services and reasonable accommodations that your child needs. When you create a written request, you document a record of your concerns and suggestions. You also clarify what the school has or hasn’t done for your child.

You can use these sample letters for communicating with your school and other professionals. Keep in mind that states have their own rules, and it’s important to review procedural safeguards that describe you and your child’s rights as well as the process that you and the school must follow.  

Make sure to customize the sample letters for your needs.

Parent Advocacy Sample Letters to School

To access a folder with all these sample letters as a PDF or Google Doc CLICK HERE  There are 14 sample letters in all.  Here is a list of the titles:

  1.  Ask to Discuss a Problem With the School
  2. Request a Copy of Your Childs Records
  3. Request an Evaluation
  4. Request the Evaluation Report
  5. Request an Independent Evaluation at Public Expense
  6. Request an IEP Review Meeting
  7. Request a Change in Placement
  8. Tell the School You are Enrolling Your Child in Private School at Public Expense
  9. Request an Explanation of Denial of Services
  10. Request Mediation
  11. Request a Due Process Hearing  File a Due Process Complaint
  12. State Complaint
  13. Follow Up on a Request
  14.  Create a Record of Successful Services

Access the Docments Here