"Dr. Warren creates a unique, individualized program for each learner that empowers and kindles a love for learning."

Individualized Attention

  • No two people share the same strengths and weaknesses. In fact, each individual has his or her own unique ways of learning. While education continually searches for the best group approach to learning, individuals with contrasting needs are often neglected and learning can become an unpleasant experience.   At Learning to Learn, it's not a matter of fitting a student into a program; it's creating a unique, individualized program for each learner that empowers and kindles confidence, independence and a love for learning.  Dr. Warren offers:

  1. Multisensory instruction in reading, writing, math and other subjects
  2. Memory strategies and executive functioning coaching
  3. Study skills training
  4. Remedial reading using an Orton Gillingham approach.
  5. Multisensory and remedial writing
  6. Multitsensory and remedial math
  7. Metacognition and mindfulness
  8. Cognitive remedial exercises/therapy
  9. Academic and life coaching 
  10. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
  11. Help with assistive technology on phones, tablets and computers.

A Message from Dr. Warren

  • “My true purpose is to help disempowered spirits rekindle joy in the learning process.  All my students know that if their lessons with me are not fun, I'm not doing my job.  I'm not a tutor, but a personal trainer for the brain (for my older students) and a magician that teaches tricks for learning (for my younger students).  Helping each of my clients to maximize their learning potential is a priority, and I do this by teaching them the most effective ways to process information based on their own particular ways of learning.  In addition, I help to remediate areas of cognitive weakness, teach metacognitive skills and help students navigate around difficulties by using their own strengths and passions.

    If sessions can be turned into a game, I will make the deck of cards or game board.  Much of it, however, is all in the presentation.  For example, I never give homework.  I only give "home fun," and it is always optional.  It's not "script" or "cursive," it's "roller-coaster letters." Writing soon becomes painting with words, reading is creating a movie in your head (at least for some students), and studying for tests or working on spelling is usually a blast as goofy memory strategies assist the encoding and retrieval process.  I think you get the idea.  I believe that everyone has their own genius qualities and it is my job and my pleasure to uncover them.  I feel honored to have the chance to work one-on-one with each client and have developed some wonderful relationships.  I look forward to meeting you!”       - Erica Warren

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