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100 Executive Boulevard, Ossining, New York 10562, United States


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The office is in the first building. Pass this building and come around to the other side to park. 

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About Dr. Warren

Aspiring to empower learners of all abilities, Dr. Warren created a degree program that united coursework and research in Special Education, Educational Psychology, School Psychology, and Adult Education.  Her doctorate from UGA focused on life-long issues in learning, the impact of learning difficulties across the lifespan, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.  In addition, she earned  a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, which covered life-span development, learning, and cognition. Dr. Warren often describes her bachelor's degree in fine arts as her secret weapon. Dr. Warren’s diverse education has created a well-rounded expertise in the areas of mindful and multisensory learning, cognition and remediation.  Much of Dr. Warren’s time remains devoted to working with students on an individualized basis where her unique, multisensory approach focuses on compensatory learning strategies, cognitive remediation, study strategies, and remedial reading, writing and math methods.  Dr. Warren founded Learning to Learn, her private practice, in 1999 and later created her educational resources and materials sites: Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials.  In 2016, Dr. Warren began offering courses for learning specialists and educational therapists at Learning Specialist Courses. Erica offers:

  1. Multisensory instruction in reading, writing, math and other subjects
  2. Memory strategies and executive functioning coaching
  3. Study skills training
  4. Remedial reading using an Orton Gillingham approach.
  5. Multisensory and remedial writing
  6. Multitsensory and remedial math
  7. Metacognition and mindfulness
  8. Cognitive remedial exercises/therapy
  9. Life coaching and goal setting
  10. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
  11. Help with assistive technology on phones, tablets and computers.