DYI Materials


Do it Yourself Educational Materials

"I also offer mindful and multisensory  educational materials for parents, teachers and other learning specialists.  Come check all my publications at:  Good Sensory Learning."

Cheers, Erica

Here are a few featured materials - Click the image for info

Dyslexia Bundle

Dyslexia Cognitive Remedial Bundle

  • The Dyslexia Remedial Bundle offers a discounted selection of Dr. Warren's publications that can be used to exercise and remediate the cognitive weaknesses associated with dyslexia.

Exec. Functioning Bundle

Executive Functioning Bundle

  • This bundle offers a discounted selection of activities, games, and handouts that were designed to help educational therapists, parents and other specialists assist students will  executive functioning skills.  This bundle  exercises: attention, metacognition, working memory, time management, organization, planning, stamina and more.

Educational Games

Multisensory Educational Games

  • At the heart of Dr. Warren's multisensory approach are fun and interactive educational games.  Come view a list of all of Dr. Warren's products that offer games for learning and improved cognition.

Cognitive Bundle

Cognitive Remedial Products

  • Come see a list of Dr. Warren's cognitive learning tools that were designed to remediate learning disabilities as well as weak cognitive processing areas that impact reading, writing, math, memory and executive functioning. Dr. Warren's cognitive games are a best seller!

Multisensory Lessons

Multisensory Lessons at Good Sensory Learning

  • Dr. Warren's multisensory lessons, activities, and games can help build skills, kindle a love for learning, and increase memory.  You can find products in a number of subjects such as reading, writing, and math.  What's more, I offer products from K-College.

Memory Bundle

Memory products at Good Sensory Learning

  • The brain is like a filing cabinet, that stores learned information, and if a student quickly packs content into their mind in a random or disorganized fashion, accessing the needed material can be a challenge. This can be frustrating and discouraging. The memory collection is a list of all of Dr. Warren's products that can be used to improve or enhance memory.