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Executive Functioning Coaching & Educational Therapy in Westchester, NY


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Executive functioning & ADHD Coaching

​​Individualized coaching supports students by providing structure, strategies, and skills for success in a trusting, nonjudgmental environment.  Each student is empowered to make decisions, ask questions, and brainstorm the consequences (both positive and negative) of their behaviors.  The goal is to nurture motivation, resilience, and accountability.  Coaching can help with the following:  

  1. Identifying areas of difficulty and frustration 
  2. Developing compensatory strategies
  3. Acknowledging areas of strength
  4. Setting and attaining goals
  5. Increasing self-confidence
  6. Gaining increased independence and self-advocacy skills
  7. Improving time management and planning skills
  8. Developing techniques for increased concentration
  9. Managing academic stress
  10. Improving organizational skills
  11. Learning strategies for completing and turning in assignments
  12. Maximizing a greater sense of balance and fulfillment at school
  13. Developing effective study skills
  14. Creating accountability plans
  15. Setting up daily routines
  16. Regulating one's emotions

A Tailored Approach

Each student comes with their own unique needs and talents, so a tailored approach is always honored. By utilizing student strengths, providing multisensory options, and offering a supportive environment, trust and a sense of safety is nurtured.  Sessions often include:

  1. The creation of a readily accessible toolbox of strategies:  Often created in Google docs, this resources grows with each session.  This approach enables the clients, their parents and any other support personnel to access, review, and stay abreast of weekly progress.  This document can include online links to educational sites, introductions to assistive technology tools, mindfulness instruction, time management handouts, writing and reading resources, memory strategies and much more.
  2. Upon request, a quick weekly email can be sent to teachers, therapists, parents, and other professionals to assure that we create a "dream team" of support.
  3. The creation of daily routines that can be documented and tweaked on a weekly basis.
  4. A calendar, agenda, or app that can help students manage their time and assignments.

Parent Coaching

Some parents need support too.  Many are tired of policing daily schedules, school assignments, and the organization of materials.  With the support of an executive functioning coach, parents can shift in their role and nurture positive and rewarding relationships with their children.