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Multisensory Instruction

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Compensatory Skill Building

This method involves teaching students to use their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses, and a scaffolding approach is employed.  First, techniques and strategies are demonstrated.  Then, multi-sensory methods help the students internalize the process. Finally, students demonstrate the skills to manage their work independently.

Study skills in All Academic Subjects

Study skills are often expected in education but rarely taught.  As a result, many students need to learn effective ways to encode the academic content, complete assignments in the allocated amount of time, and prepare for tests and exams.  

If students come to sessions without the academic content needed to succeed, sessions may focus on the reteaching of the material in a different and multisensory way.


Intensive phonemic awareness, visualization, comprehension, and syllabication instruction incorporates multisensory games, and Orton-Gillingham methods of instruction. 

Other Language skills

A unique program is created for each student.  Possible topics of focus may include spelling, writing, understanding inferences, following directions (written and oral), multiple choice strategies, and reading verbal and nonverbal cues.   


Math instruction may include creative projects, multisensory instruction, and the learning of rules through interactive games, music, software, and manipulatives.